Monroe County Contact Information and Links

Let your representatives and county officials know about your concerns for Monroe County Parks.
Write from your experience. Share your concerns about the parks you use most.
Suggested Email Subject Line: Concern for County Parks
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Easy email link to all of the following: Email All (email our Powder Mills Park form letter)

Monroe County Name Email Phone

171 Reservoir Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County Parks Page
Monroe County Powder Mills Park Page
County Executive Maggie Brooks Email (585) 753-1000
County Parks Director Larry A. Staub Email (585) 753-7275
Deputy Director of Parks Monroe County
David A. Rinaldo Email
(585) 753-7278
Recreation & Education Committee Name Email Phone
Legislator Mary A. Valerio Email (585) 753-1922
Legislator Glenn Gamble Email (585) 753-1940
Legislator Jeff Adair Email (585) 753-1922
Legislator Carmen Gumina Email (585) 872-6381
Legislator Ciaran Hanna Email (585) 753-1922